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The Royal Flush Interview

Bob: Monkees? Monkees? Uh, the show is over, but we've got one problem; we're about one minute short.

Micky: Hi there, America!

(Davy starts to crack up at Micky)

Bob: Tell me, uh, Mike, what do you think of the show you just did?

MiKe: I thought it was one minute short. (laughter) No--

Bob: Micky, will you give me an intelligent answer please--?

Micky: Hey man, I--I'm--

Bob: --Look, this is very important.

Micky: --I'm reading next week's script; I'm gonna try to save it.

Bob: Peter what'd you think about it, hey?

Peter: Well I thought it was alright except for the duelling scene.

Davy: What ya talkin' about? That fencing scene was great. None o' ya coulda done it.

Peter: Fencing scene? Great? Davy's, you know, short, and I coulda done it better.

Davy (mouth full of food): He's always pickin' on me cos I'm small!

He's always pickin' on me cos I'm small!

Micky: He's not short. Stand up Davy and show him how tall you are.

Davy: I am standing up.

Bob: Fellas, wait, wait! Listen to me, all of you. What I wanna know is one thing, seriously now.

Davy: That's two things.

Bob: What, what, what do you really want this show to do for you? Davy (smiling): I wanna go home!

Bob: Whatta you gonna do when you get home?

Davy: I'm gonna feed my dog; I'm gonna take a bath; gonna set my hair...

(Laughter; Micky hides behind script)

Mike: Why do you ask stuff like this? Really? I mean, uh, success and stuff like that... Why don't you ask us stuff like uh, "What time is it...?"

Bob: What time is it, Mike?

Mike (looks at watch): Uhhhh, it's time to go, man--

Peter: Yeah.

(All four get up to leave, laughing)

Mike: --I'll see you later.

Micky: Don't even say another thing--!

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