The Monkees In A Ghost Town Interview

Bob: Hey Mike? Show's over. What're you doin', babe.

Mike (stands up from painting on his director's chair): Putting a, putting a name there on the back of my chair.

Bob: What is it?

Mike: "Lauren St. David" is the name.

Bob: Why? Wh-- I mean why, why you put that, uh, name on the chair?

Mike: Lauren St. David?

Bob: Yeah.

Mike: I, I don't want anybody to recognize me.

(Bob laughs.)

Davy (holds up a camera filter): What is this? Somebody? Please? Sir?

Peter: Anybody, speak out.

Davy: Mr. Cameraman?

Cameraman (from off-camera): "Half-net".

Davy: Half-net. Everybody, this is a half-net.

Peter (mocking Davy's accent): It's not a "hahf-net" you idiot, it's a ha--

Micky: What is this?

Davy: This here--

Micky: This is a blue gel.

Davy: Now this is a, a messed-up double--

Bob: Hey, Davy? Davy, wait a minute. What, if, if you saw that thing'n you didn't know what it was, what would you guess it was?

(Micky laughs.)

Davy: In my opinion, I'd say that was a K. An' I just did it.

Peter: See, no, you got it the wrong way around. It's the electronic symbol for a transistor.

(Bob mumbles something...)

Davy: Or, if you put it that way, if you--

Bob: Hey Mike, there's a whole bunch of 'em down by your feet. What are they?

Mike: This here? (Picks up small pile.)

Bob: Yuh.

Mike: Uh. They're a uh, deck of cards in disguise.

Bob: A what?

Mike: Deck of cards in disguise.

Bob: Alright.

Peter: Alright do a card trick, Mike. Do a card trick.

Mike: You want me to do a card trick?

Peter: Do a card trick. Do a card trick.

Mike: Uh... I gotta shuffle 'em first. ...Didn't see that didja?

(Bob giggles.)

Mike: Pick a card, any card.

Peter: Any card?

Mike: Any card.

Peter: Just any card anywhere?

Mike: Any, any card you wanna pick!

Davy: Uh they-- they're not real cards, though.

Peter: Shhhh!

Mike: Cool it, will ya please. ...Okay. You look at it?

Peter: Yup.

Mike: It's the uh... King of Spades.

Davy: How--

Peter: How-- how did you know?!

Davy: Come on!

Peter: Come on, how did you know...?

Mike (laughing smugly): It's the only one missing.

Bob: I don't believe it.

Davy: Aw...

(Peter and Davy throw their filters at Mike.)

Bob: G'night fellas.

Mike: G'nite.

Davy: G'niii-ite!

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